Ducks get’s hungry too


What to do when Daddy got the car and my keys to the bike, and its needed to get out and get some fresh air?? 
Time to get rid of the  stale bread and lets go feed the ducks. Hit a playground and come home and eat lunch! So we did..

I sometimes have to catch my self and not treat Asia and Naomi like they are the same age. I have to remember that Naomi is still younger, and Asia is getting older.
normally Asia Loves to go feed the ducks, it used to be our thing in Japan. And now she is too cool for it, (or so she thinks) We got to the lake and she asked to look at pictures on my cell phone.  WTF??? TEENAGER!
She kinda hurt my feelings a little bit, like i said it used to be our thing, and now she just wanna sit with a cell phone, when did this happened ?? No really I wanna know???  Naomi on the other hand, was in heaven, and so occupied with throwing all the bread out to all the ducks.  Bremerh Nov 09 081

Bremerh Nov 09 082

Bremerh Nov 09 086


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