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Bugs ‘r’ us


You would think that with 2 young girls in the house, we would have a million dolls, pony’s, dress up clothes, and what not. But truth is, our girls is not really girly like that.
Asia is in a phase where she LOVES bugs, mainly spiders, ladybugs and ants.
And Naomi’s favorite toys right now, is a Dinosaur, a dragon and a Snake. Im terrified of bugs and creeps but i cant show them to that. 
baking in BH 050


Family sunday!


I love family days.  And this is the first sunday Louis had off in a while. 
The girls and the dogs enjoys that.  We went for a walk on the beach and brought the dogs so they could run and swim, and as we was standing there, the dogs was’nt the only ones wanting to swim, out comes a group of people, in bathing suits and hats, mind you its below 50 degrees now. But they jumped right in and did what they wanted and then ran alittle on the beach!  I know it was super cold cus when they came out their bodies was a little red… Im freezing just by thinking about it! 
But the girls enjoyed throwing rocks in the water, and playing in the sand. we came home and took a family nap.
And when the girls woke up, they helped me bake cinnamon buns, (or snails, is what we call it)  and a crocodile.  Im not good at baking at all, but thank god our girls have a good imagination so they at least could see it was a crocodile.  And even thought the yeast didnt work, down they went 😉

baking in BH 002

baking in BH 007

baking in BH 015

baking in BH 011


baking in BH 013


baking in BH 028

baking in BH 026

baking in BH 025

Ducks get’s hungry too


What to do when Daddy got the car and my keys to the bike, and its needed to get out and get some fresh air?? 
Time to get rid of the  stale bread and lets go feed the ducks. Hit a playground and come home and eat lunch! So we did..

I sometimes have to catch my self and not treat Asia and Naomi like they are the same age. I have to remember that Naomi is still younger, and Asia is getting older.
normally Asia Loves to go feed the ducks, it used to be our thing in Japan. And now she is too cool for it, (or so she thinks) We got to the lake and she asked to look at pictures on my cell phone.  WTF??? TEENAGER!
She kinda hurt my feelings a little bit, like i said it used to be our thing, and now she just wanna sit with a cell phone, when did this happened ?? No really I wanna know???  Naomi on the other hand, was in heaven, and so occupied with throwing all the bread out to all the ducks.  Bremerh Nov 09 081

Bremerh Nov 09 082

Bremerh Nov 09 086

Pregnancy update


I have one week left, of my second trimester.  And then its 3 more months to go.
When i was carrying Asia every week went by so SLOW, but this pregnancy is actually going by pretty fast and i guess also because i have my hands full with my 2 little monsters I sometimes kinda forget that I am pregnant, till I walk pass a window or a mirror and I see my reflection, and all i can hear in my head is the line from Madagascar 2, from the hippo Moto moto;  Girl you huge…
Im getting bigger, and im already having trouble getting outta the bed without losing my breath,  i know so fat!  Ive been trynna watch what i eat and so on, cus i hate working out, and I know whats waiting after wards, but F$%k it, im hungry every 10 min, and im eating whatever I want 😉 

 Bremerh Nov 09 070

Bremerh Nov 09 074

 Sorry its alittle  blurry!   Nov 09, 6 months pregnant.. 3 + to go

Bremerh Nov 09 075

This is a picture of what I see, if it makes any sence, but this is my view.  Cant wait to meet the little one and once again see my own feet! 🙂

So far everything is good, and  i feel alot of kicks and movements, just praying all  will stay good!


Bye for now flu monster!


Im so tired of sickness, our family have never had so many colds or little nagging stuff, since we left japan and entered the us.  In Japan, the girls would catch a small cold every now and then, but nothing serious.
in the 3 sesons we where there, Asia only when to the hospital once.

Now that they are in daycare I understand that you they will pick up germs here and there, and im glad because then it should make their immune system stronger for the cold winther thats just around the corner. 

But damn, enough is enough now, on Wednesday night, the girls and I had dinner (louis got practice from 6-8)
Then a night bath for the little ladies, then they played around alittle bit and then it was time to go night night. Sweet 8.OOPm came around and they was both in Lala land.
Louis came home he ate and it was time to get in the bed and watch some C.S.I.
As usual I fell asleep before the crime got solved.
00:45 i wake up because Asia was coughing, I get up to check on her, and she is shivering,  i mean really shaking and she had goose bumps all over, i feel her forehead and she didnt seem that hot but alittle bit. I wake Louis up and we get the girls ready, rush to the emergency room.
In the 3 mins it takes to drive to the hospital Asia vomits all over her self and her blankets.
we get to the emergency room and she gets checked and she now has a fever 103,5.
The doc gives her some meds for the fever, and we get home and she was just fine again.. So at 3;OO the whole house was up watching Asia favorite movie, the dinosours!
She is fine again, but i had my date with the toilet bowl,  and Louis is feeling it too.. Im just happy Louis was home to come with me, i dont know how i would have done it if he was away.

Now enough with the stomach bugs please, over  and out …Thank you very much.
Much Love hormonella!