New Team, New seson new country new beginning!


Louis’ seson has just started.  And i just want to wish him and his team the best of luck for this seson and many more  sesons to come. I know its been along preseson, but now its time to kick ass! 
I pray for much succes, and many memories to bring home, new friendships are made and i pray that he will grow in his carrier and stay injury free,  healthy and happy on all levels!
Best of luck  to you Skat…

BH mix 120A picture from his first home game, with his new team.


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  1. keep me updated on the season. Include a few pictures too. A short video would also be nice. How long is the season? Whens the last home game? Tell Lou to elbow one of the Germans in the mouth for me and all of the Jewish people, lol.

  2. WOW!…my uncle got some serious skills..,.you go Louis!…when u get bac over here i want a autograph lol ,.much luck to you…elske din blomst

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