Evening walk on the beach! – Aftentur paa stranden!


Today i picked the girls up a little early from daycare, and we went home and took a girls only nap. (since Louis is away for the game)
Then we woke up ate, and went for an evening walk on the beach, even though its cold. We just bundled up and off we were. The girls enjoyed it, untill Asia went to close to the water, and got caught in what the tide had left behind!  QUICK-SAND!  she panicked and I ran over to her, and got caught my self. finally got us both and our shoes with us out safely! what a mess, but another memory made!

Jeg hentede pigerne lidt tidligere idag, og vi tog hjem og hyggede. Tog en  lille eftermiddags lur sammen paa sofaen, spiste lidt mad, og saa gik vi en lille aften tur paa stranden!  Pigerne hyggede sig lige indtil Asia sad fast i det Quick-sand som tidevandet havde efterladt. Saa hun gik i panik, jeg  skyndte mig selvfo’lig hen til hende men jeg sad selv fast,  og inden jeg fik os begge ud og vores sko var vi mog beskidte!  sikke noget men et nyt minde er helt sikket lavet! 😉

BH mix 165

BH mix 173BH mix 172

BH mix 167BH mix 174BH mix 175


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