Happy early holidays!


Okay so i dont know what it is, if its a mixture of hormones, or if it’s because we are back in europe and I now can get almost anything i miss from home. But im in a terrible terrible christmas spirit.
I cant wait for Dec. 1st, cus then I will light a candle each morning for breakfast, like my mother did.  Go 2 the woods and find pinecones and make christmas decorations. Decorate the house. Eat all the good stuff u eat for christmas, and the all the days in the dec up untill it.  Drink christmas tea, and when u come home from the cold weather outside, and the whole house smells like cookies and cinnamon. Light a million candles.. And the girls are getting bigger now, so i can pass all my traditions down. I cant wait, ive been fighting this christmas feeling for a long time now, BUT  this cant possible be normal. It cant!
Im just so scared that I have it so bad now that i will be gone by the time christmas is actually here..

But i guess i gotta enjoy every moment for what it is, and dont worry i wont buy any christmas stuff till end of nov. I PROMISE.. Till then: Please  allow me to be the first to wish you and your family a merry christmas!



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  1. I know its really insane i know. I think i should change the headline to insanity!
    I dont even care about Halloween, or thanksgiving! All i want is christmas to get here!

  2. Fie – a friend back home put up her Christmas tree yesterday! If you want Christmas then girl, go get you some Christmas!!! haha 😉

  3. Thank you Jane, now i dont feel completly insane, however I know it is way to early for all the decorations! so imma go thru the torture everytime i go to the store and see all the stuff and just wait it out!

  4. so fie u dont care about the kids at the apartment who loves holloween in chofu but ur right christmas is waaaaaaaaaaaay better

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