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Picture of the week!


BH mix 092

My little girl growing up….


Old love.


Ive been reintroduced to an old love.  And since its way over time for a song of the week.
Heres is Xavier Naidoo. He is a german singer but he do what he does oh so well!  😉

New Team, New seson new country new beginning!


Louis’ seson has just started.  And i just want to wish him and his team the best of luck for this seson and many more  sesons to come. I know its been along preseson, but now its time to kick ass! 
I pray for much succes, and many memories to bring home, new friendships are made and i pray that he will grow in his carrier and stay injury free,  healthy and happy on all levels!
Best of luck  to you Skat…

BH mix 120A picture from his first home game, with his new team.

Evening walk on the beach! – Aftentur paa stranden!


Today i picked the girls up a little early from daycare, and we went home and took a girls only nap. (since Louis is away for the game)
Then we woke up ate, and went for an evening walk on the beach, even though its cold. We just bundled up and off we were. The girls enjoyed it, untill Asia went to close to the water, and got caught in what the tide had left behind!  QUICK-SAND!  she panicked and I ran over to her, and got caught my self. finally got us both and our shoes with us out safely! what a mess, but another memory made!

Jeg hentede pigerne lidt tidligere idag, og vi tog hjem og hyggede. Tog en  lille eftermiddags lur sammen paa sofaen, spiste lidt mad, og saa gik vi en lille aften tur paa stranden!  Pigerne hyggede sig lige indtil Asia sad fast i det Quick-sand som tidevandet havde efterladt. Saa hun gik i panik, jeg  skyndte mig selvfo’lig hen til hende men jeg sad selv fast,  og inden jeg fik os begge ud og vores sko var vi mog beskidte!  sikke noget men et nyt minde er helt sikket lavet! 😉

BH mix 165

BH mix 173BH mix 172

BH mix 167BH mix 174BH mix 175

A New chapter


Our girls are growing up, and its amazing how ones life changes so quickly,  and just when you think this is just how it is now, well guess what, it changes again. 
My life went from just being me, then to expecting Asia, then to get married, then WAITING and waiting and waiting for Asia to come.  Then she finally came to this world and rocked my world, and changed everything.  Made my heart melt and made me more vulnerable  more than i ever could imagine.
My whole outlook on life, my decitions, my opinion’s, everything changed when she came into my world.
And I’ll be the first one to admit it, i thought it was gonna be easy.  But she has humbled me in so many ways and changed me in so many ways too,  its amazing how powerful she is and don’t even know it. (and sheis only 2 years old) And more than anything I learned thru her, not only the other way around.
Then Naomi Came along, when we least expected it, but god had other plans. She has definitely touched me in so many beautiful ways too.  And challenged me beyond my imagination. And not only that made me think,  appreciate and reflect on what sisterhood is and stand for.  And how I can possibly make them stay strong and close thru-out their journey in life.  So many worries but so much joy.

But my life has went from learning my children, their phases and how to be the best i can be for them.
From not getting any sleep, or not having any time to even wash my own @$$.  and everything else that comes with it, good or bad. 
And living in different countries and adapting to new cultures, and building a family away from family and friends and everything thats familiar.

And now they have started kindergarten..
They r growing up,  they go together, they even have their own little locker room.
and they seem to have adapted very nicely already.  I really like it a lot, it has many different activity rooms for them and they have a nice playground, even a bus for outings. And a CHEF, yes a chef, that cook’s everything fresh for them everyday.   Im still with them everyday and then after some time they tell me to leave for a while and then I come back. So far it’s going really good. BYE MOMMY!   babies see you later, vi ses, tchuess. I get all the greetings in all 3 languages!

So on friday They told me i should leave for almost 3 hours.
This was so wierd.  I stayed in the city close by in case they called me back. But I went and had breakfast and hot cocoa at a cafe outside. ran some errands, and then it was silence..  
This was the first time in almost 3 years, that I was alone without a purpose.  or someone got the girls because louis and I got somewhere to go. No it was just me..  so nice but so wierd.
So this is something i have 2 get use to, but im very excited, I think it is good for all of us, and i think it will make me a better parent to have some time for my self. And now I can meet Louis for lunch, after his morning practise. Or i can drop Asia of one day and have a date with Naomi, just the two of us. and other days drop Naomi off and spend a day with Asia.  Im very excited.
But its funny how ones life changes, now i have 2 get used to having time for me, (atleast till feb)

I guess this is why i always hear people say, enjoy them while they are little because they grow up so fast.   Now i have to agree..                                                    They truely do.