Family day


Louis finally had a day off, and we got to spend a nice family day together.
We got to take a family nap all 2gether, and then we  went for a walk in the woods with the dogs, then when we came home the girls and I surprised Louis with an indoor picnic, on the floor in the living room.
If we cant have it outside, then we gotta bring it on inside.

familyday in woods 016

familyday in woods 027familyday in woods 012

familyday in woods 034familyday in woods 037Asia catching bugs and small snails and putting them in her bagfamilyday in woods 044familyday in woods 083familyday in woods 052

familyday in woods 102

familyday in woods 127familyday in woods 139

familyday in woods 145


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  1. Welcome to the dark side lol! The dark hair looks nice on you. And it looks so nice where you live! So much greenery and is it a lake there too? Perfect for the kids!!

  2. The dark hair looks nice but I prefer the Viking blonde on you. How many months are you now? Do you know what your having? I love the pics of the girls and the dogs. For once I dont have any smart ass comments on Darkness. You should frame the picture of Lou and Naomi and call it “Daddy don’t go”.

    I’m still coming over there when the weather warms up a lil bit. Just let me know when the best time is and I’ll be there. Love all 5 of and the dogs. Be safe over there.

  3. Fie, you look good girl. Love the hair. The girls are growing so fast. You are gonna drop the baby and be back in no time. Miss you….

  4. My Little cousins are getting big and, so is your belly fie u know what your having yet??..i miss you all alot…cant wait till yall come back…elske din blomst!!

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