Louis is still away on a camp, and wont be back untill saturday. I know its  around the corner, but I miss him alot. The first week was cool,  but now i really miss him and so does his girls.
Well I found a 2. hand store for bikes too, and I found this bike. Cant u see it got my name all over it?
The weather was beautiful 2day, so i packed lunch carrot’s and bread from last week. And off we was again to feed the horses.  After that we had lunch next to the water and fed the ducks as well.
We also brought the dogs, this was a challenge, but we made it safe back n forth. im just glad nobody got a picture of  it. But we went thru the woods, and Asia and Naomi was fishing with the biggest sticks they could find.  Asia’s favorite movie these days is one about Killer whales, so she kept saying mommy look i catch a Spaekhugger (killer whale in Danish) every time she caught a leaf wish her stick.

rundt omkring 012
rundt omkring 018

rundt omkring 024rundt omkring 019

rundt omkring 032rundt omkring 040

rundt omkring 049rundt omkring 055rundt omkring 059


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  1. Diebo is funny. The carrot is bigger then he is. Is that your bike? I gotta get one of those for Tenika and the girls.

    Glad to see your keeping yourself busy while Darkness is away. I thought camp was in Turkey. Thats not exactly around the corner

  2. aww im so happy u like my bike.. I thought you was gonna kill it.
    But im so happy and the girls loves it. we can just pack up and go.
    Its big, ugly and clumsy and it makes my ass hurt cus im outta shape like a mug boy. BUT its all mine and I love it! Tenika wouldnt want one of those u think?
    Im also glad that u r more open minded that Darkeness… Thank u Aaron

    Oh and yes the camp is in turkey, but its only about 2,5 hour away from here by plane.

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