Hmmm condoms anyone?


Im used to vending mashines on every corner in japan and  I loved it.  But this one is a new one. a condom vending mashine??? I kinda like the idea,  we have all felt the awkwardness of buying condoms when we were younger. right???  But imagine how many teenager would actually buy them, and maybe even use them if they could get them so easily…  = less unwanted teenage pregnancies, less STD’s right.
But on the other hand, if you dont have the balls to buy your own condoms, maybe you arent grown enough to be having sex..
but since when did that ever stop any horny teenager ?
So im all for it, put em up everywhere, and i think they should be free too!..



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  1. I think its a good idea. A lot of teenagers are embarrassed to ask for condoms in the store, so the end up not using protection and spreading std’s or getting pregnant. I don’t think it would work over here in the states. This country is still uptight about sex and exposing teenagers to sexual things.

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