Celebrate everyday. Happy wednesday everyone.


Hygge I bremerhaven 001

Hygge I bremerhaven 013Hygge I bremerhaven 016Hygge I bremerhaven 005


Okay, so im not afraid to admit it.  I love our kids more than anything else in this world, but 2day they where just driving me nuts! ! !   So i tried to pull every trick out the hat, to stimulate and keep occupied so i could get some thing done around the house. But they win.  Asia, and Naomi 18999999.0000000 = Fie 1


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  1. Hey girl!!

    Just wanted to say hi.
    Naomi and Asia are getting so big. They are so beautiful 🙂
    Congratulations on the pregnance
    Hugs and kisses

    • Hi Birna.
      been so long.
      Yeap the girls r growing up so fas but u know how that is, im sure Sara is growing up and running things like a teenager already!> Hope all is well with ur pregnancy too!

  2. Fie,
    I just love love love it when you post pictures of the girls. I love how close they’ve grown and how inspeparable they are. Asia’s expressions are priceless. You and Lou must be so happy!

    • Hey Juldawga! Thank you so much!
      They r growing up so fast and the best thing in Naomi’s world is still Asia. SHe does everything she says and has even developed a fake cry that she uses only when she dont get her way with Asia, and Asia gives in right away! But they can also fight like strangers.. Trust me, its gotten kinda ugly a few times.. Haha
      i miss you Julie, hope all is well in Japan.

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