Bikes bikes bikes bikes!


I love bikes, and my kids love to ride on them, in Japan i had a regular bike with a child seat on the back for Asia and i would strap Naomi on my stomach, and off  we would be on the road.  
Going to the park, the playground, playgroup, Temple or just around for some fresh air. 
I loved it and i miss my bike and the freedom that comes with it, instead of my big and clumsy double stroller.  Anyways so we have been looking at bikes here for me and the girls, but they r so expensive. Just a bike in it self was between 6-800 euros.. then with child equiptment and so on. we r talking more than a G.. thats crazy. so im hoping 2 find a used bike soon.
In the mean time ive been online and been dreaming, and i found my dreambike…
Louis thinks that im crazy and that bikes are only for crackheads..  well since im scandenavian and that what we do i think he is the one thats crazy!   Anyways, ladys and gents may i introduce my dreambike!

And u can get almost any design u want!        Oh  im in heaven…. but they r too expensive.. almost 2000$


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  1. SHIIIITTTT u must be crazy its a ressesion…. We cant afford that! but thats okay, i got something else, ill post a picture 2morrow.

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