Old memories from Japan… Jindaiji


jindaiji with Lil chuk! 017jindaiji with Lil chuk! 015

jindaiji with Lil chuk! 028jindaiji with Lil chuk! 035jindaiji with Lil chuk! 032

jindaiji with Lil chuk! 034

jindaiji with Lil chuk! 038jindaiji with Lil chuk! 018


Not far from our house in Japan, there was a these tempels, surrounded by this cute old village.
I used to walk there with the girls all the time. Its is so beautiful  and peaceful.  I would go there and leave with a new energy, and feel so calm.  In the little village around the tempels, they would have little shops where you can buy beers, ice cream, candy, even little toys, crapes and their famous soba nudles.
These pictures are from January 09, even though the pictures realy do no justice i still wanted to share them because I miss the place, and chances are  we will never go back there again, but it will still always be a special place to me.


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