This summer, we also had the chance to go home to Denmark, my brother was getting confirmed in church and it was a perfect excuse to go home for a alil summer vacation.   The girls and I left first to go home for  2 weeks, then Louis came  for 4 days and we all flew back to jersey 2gether! 
About a month later I had a dream that I was pregnant with a cat, I had this same dream when I was pregnant with Asia.  So i told Louis I think we should take a test. Okay so i ended up taking 6 of em, and they was all positive 🙂  i just couldnt believe it. I mean he was only there for 4 days..

So im happy to present mini campbell # 3 on its way.  Im about 16 weeks now.  and im eating like a pig.
I had morning sickness this time too,  but not bad as all.   and now thats all over with im feeling good and looking forward to meeting lil one in Feb 2010.

mini 3 001


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