I was gonna write more about what we did this summer, but  i guess ill wait with that till later.

So yesterday the girls and I went swimming, we found an indoor pool with a baby play pool inside.
All day it was raining, then not raining then raining again, so we decided to go swimming.
It was just what the girls needed,  it had a cute little-water play area for the kids, even alil slide  toys and the water was only knee high for the girls and warm, so it was just what they needed on a rainy day.
But we had only been there for 4 mins, not 5 but 4. and i see this wierd look on Naomis face, and she made a funny sound.  So i knew what time it was so i grap her up, and hurry to the bathroom with her, pulls her bathing suit off, and puts her on the toilet.  But its too late. She has half mudbutt, have turd.
what to do what to do!??? I perfect mother would probably be like well its time to go. But we had just gotten there, and the thought of braking Asia’s heart of telling her we had to leave now. was just too much for me.  so i let Nana finish on the toilet. washed her off in the sink, and scrubbed her bathing suit of. Thank good the water is only knee high so the doo doo never got in the water. .. but still ..
Better luck next time!

Im just always afraid of a floater a guess.


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