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Family day


Louis finally had a day off, and we got to spend a nice family day together.
We got to take a family nap all 2gether, and then we  went for a walk in the woods with the dogs, then when we came home the girls and I surprised Louis with an indoor picnic, on the floor in the living room.
If we cant have it outside, then we gotta bring it on inside.

familyday in woods 016

familyday in woods 027familyday in woods 012

familyday in woods 034familyday in woods 037Asia catching bugs and small snails and putting them in her bagfamilyday in woods 044familyday in woods 083familyday in woods 052

familyday in woods 102

familyday in woods 127familyday in woods 139

familyday in woods 145


Skovtur (trip 2 the woods)


Fall is slowly creeping around the corner, and i just enjoyit so much. The changing colors in the leafs, the different smells and so on.  And i didnt realize how much i missed taking walks in the woods.
And the girls Love it too, picking pine cones, other nuts, sticks, bugs, or just sitting in the back of the bike and justenjoy the ride thru the woods.

So thats whats we have been doing alot lately. heres a few pictures..


skovtur mm 005

skovtur mm 006

skovtur mm 009skovtur mm 010skovtur mm 013skovtur mm 014skovtur mm 015skovtur mm 018

Finaly Brother’s


skovtur mm 002

Smokey and Deebo. 

Smokey have now accepted that Deebo is a part of the family.
And I think actualy he wouldnt know what to do with him self now if Deebo wasnt here with us.
He lets him eat and drink  first, they sleep together fart 2gether and play 2gether so nicely…

Girls day at the Zoo


Today the girls and I went to the Zoo.  They have a cute little one right here in the city.
So we went, and ended off with off course an ice cream.  But then Asia found a lady bug, and forget about everything we just saw, and the ice-cream.. She brought the lady bug ALL the way home and tried to feed it a leaf.  

 Girls only, zoo in BH 001

Girls only, zoo in BH 002Girls only, zoo in BH 004Girls only, zoo in BH 011Girls only, zoo in BH 012Girls only, zoo in BH 016Girls only, zoo in BH 018

Girls only, zoo in BH 025

Girls only, zoo in BH 026



Louis is still away on a camp, and wont be back untill saturday. I know its  around the corner, but I miss him alot. The first week was cool,  but now i really miss him and so does his girls.
Well I found a 2. hand store for bikes too, and I found this bike. Cant u see it got my name all over it?
The weather was beautiful 2day, so i packed lunch carrot’s and bread from last week. And off we was again to feed the horses.  After that we had lunch next to the water and fed the ducks as well.
We also brought the dogs, this was a challenge, but we made it safe back n forth. im just glad nobody got a picture of  it. But we went thru the woods, and Asia and Naomi was fishing with the biggest sticks they could find.  Asia’s favorite movie these days is one about Killer whales, so she kept saying mommy look i catch a Spaekhugger (killer whale in Danish) every time she caught a leaf wish her stick.

rundt omkring 012
rundt omkring 018

rundt omkring 024rundt omkring 019

rundt omkring 032rundt omkring 040

rundt omkring 049rundt omkring 055rundt omkring 059

Hmmm condoms anyone?


Im used to vending mashines on every corner in japan and  I loved it.  But this one is a new one. a condom vending mashine??? I kinda like the idea,  we have all felt the awkwardness of buying condoms when we were younger. right???  But imagine how many teenager would actually buy them, and maybe even use them if they could get them so easily…  = less unwanted teenage pregnancies, less STD’s right.
But on the other hand, if you dont have the balls to buy your own condoms, maybe you arent grown enough to be having sex..
but since when did that ever stop any horny teenager ?
So im all for it, put em up everywhere, and i think they should be free too!..