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Summer of 2009


I started blogging so that  it is easier for our family and friends thats far away from us, can get a quick update, so im just gonna tell alil bit about the things we did this summer.

After our road trip to NC, my birthday came up,  and Louis had planned a weekend away for us in Miami without KIDS!!! i know the first time ever!  But I realy enjoyed my self, and we still did the same things almost as if the kids was with us, we went to the zoo, the beach ate ice cream ect. 
But we also just got a chance to be adults,  we smoked cigars and i got pissy drunk. 
I also saw real dolphins swimming right outside the house we had rented, IT was amazing, I think dolphins are the most beautiful sea animal..  Miami 047Miami 064Miami 088Miami 109
Miami 294Miami 186

Miami 116

Family roadtrip to North Carolina


Louis and I used 2 do roadtrips ALL the time when we lived in Germany.
As soon as he would have an extra day off, we would hit the road and go 2 Denmark, and drive back. Its about an 10 hour drive.
But you know with 2 kids, we havent realy had the energy to do so, but this summer we decided to go visit his sister and her family, in North carolina.  its about a 8 hour drive.
We loaded the car up, kept the girls up till midnight and then hit the road.   I love road trips, its so cosy, u talk, listen to music, watch the sunset eat snacks and talk some more, we took turns at driving so we got a few naps in as well..


008Smokey is happy to be taking a shit in the wild!


Im Back …..


I have been missing in actiong for quite some time now, mostly because we havent had any stable internet. But also because this summer have been alittle hectic so ive lost my blogging swagger. But now im back! but please bare with me till i get back into it !