Monthly Archives: May 2009

song of the week


I’ve been challenged by a stranger that reads my blog for a new song of the week.
And since im always up for a challenge,  i must agree its way over due for a new song.
So i picked this song, its another oldie but goodie..
this song now has a new meaning to me,  because when Louis and I went clubbing in Miami, this song came on and my husband got up and danced with me.  I must admit i dont remember much from that night but this i remember, It means so much to me. It,s not that we dont dance, we dance all the time,  in our kitchen, livingroom  ect.  But anyone that knows Lou knows that he dont dance.
(except when he went out with mikey one time I think)  anyways it made my night.




It’s been A LONG time since ive blogged, not by choise because i have realy realy tryed.

But i guess the internet we r using got some kinda fire wall thats blocking  all my atempts..
Ive wrote and wrote and as soon as i try to publish it, it knocks my rigth off the internet…

The girls and I are now in denmark, and got here safe and sound, so I will soon be back to blogging again..