Nobody like Far!!! (father in danish)


So the bug is still living in this house, and have been for a few days now.
Unfortunently the one thats hurting  the most is my baby Asia!!! She has been throwing up so much.
Hopefully this nightmare will soon be over.
But till then theres no-one better in her world than her Far…  😉
The were both so exsausted from being up all night being sick, they fell asleep by the toilet…



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  1. Fie, I know they must be feeling like crap poor things. But this picture is so cute! I just wanna scoop Asia up and give her a big hug!! I hope she feels better. How are you and Naomi doing?

  2. dang, it looks like that nasty virus got all of you in your house. i’m sorry fie. like anna said, it’s a cute picture, even though the circumstances weren’t good.
    when asia gets older and starts getting sassy, pull out this picture. FO SHO! 😉

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