Monthly Archives: April 2009

Nobody like Far!!! (father in danish)


So the bug is still living in this house, and have been for a few days now.
Unfortunently the one thats hurting  the most is my baby Asia!!! She has been throwing up so much.
Hopefully this nightmare will soon be over.
But till then theres no-one better in her world than her Far…  😉
The were both so exsausted from being up all night being sick, they fell asleep by the toilet…



Happy Birthday Louis!!!


As you may know, i’ve been planning this birthday surprise party for Louis for months!
And on friday the day finaly came. Since this was my first time ever planning something like this, i was a wreck all day.
And to make matters worse, the day before i caught a bad stomach bug.  Had major decisions to make, what to do what to do, shit on my self or throw up first?  Thank god the tub is so close to the toilet…  Luckily I felt better at night, but then Louis caught what I had that same night.
There was no way he would enjoy a party for him, curled up on the couch like a fried scrimp.
All I could think about was how everything would go down the drain if I had to cancel.
The catered food, the limo, all the guest that was coming.  all the decorations the renting of the hall ect..
Thank God my prayers was heard and the next morning he was feeling much better.
I spend the day making up stories, and tryed to get him outta the house…  I was so nervous.
But It all turned out good, much better than I expected
Good people good food  good memories made.
It was all worth it, but Im glad its all over. Im a horrible liar.
Even at one point Louis almost caught me in a lie, and i didnt even know what to tell him, so i hung up my cell phone and told him  my phone was bugging…  See not very convincing…

But seing Louis’ face when he stepped thru the door, was all worth it….