Jet lag…


It feels so good to be back in jersey..
Sleeping in our own bed, washing our asses in our own shower, laying on our couches…  Playing with smokey. Just all the little things…
But mostly we have just been trying to get over the jet lag.  And try to find a new routine.  theres a 13 hour time difference, and we cant seem to get into the new time difference..   So we are still up ALL night and sleeping in the daytime.. 
Gotta love the opening hours of the stores here,  the first thing i did, after we surprised Nana and Papa with our arrival.
Was to go food shopping at 4 am, just me and my baby on the road and my own music pumping…. 
And as a tradition when we always come back and cant sleep at night we go to the city that never sleeps either…
Even thought its cold as hell right now,  the city never changed… ahhhhhh 😉
but other that that, theres realy nothing interesting to blog about right now, we are just trying to get settled, clean and unpack..  and get some sleep.
Asia and Naomi have been taking turns at sleeping, so im happy Louis is home with me…







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