Next stop New Jersey…


Even though i was home sick, and ready to go home, it was still a bitter sweet feeling when we had to say goodbye and leave.  I”ve met alot of good people in my time in Tokyo.   And we have so many special memories from there.  
Becoming a mother there, bringing her home from the hospital.  The list goes on.
It def became a second home for us, so it was alittle sad leaving, not knowing if we will ever see it again.
But ofcourse we were also very happy to go home…
Just before we left  team-mates and friends came outside to say the last goodbye, that was realy nice.
Thank you everyone.



The plane ride back to jersey is about 14 hours.
How do you keep a toddler and a teenager busy for 14 hours without total chaos??
Well it actualy went alot smoother than expected.   Asia was happy, eating icecream and watching cartoons, and Naomi slept for about 9 hours, so no complains  at all… So we made it…






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  1. glad you made it back to jersey safely! i’m sad we didn’t get to talk before you left, but we’ll catch up when we’re in the states next week! hope you’re having fun at home!

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