Goodbye dinner with Louis’ Team


The night before we left, we had dinner with  the Team + Wifes and kids .
We had Yakiniku, the real Japanese way, and it was as always very very delicious.
And with everbody being there, i had a realy good time.  I had some Sake so i was feeling pretty good…
It was realy nice to do one last thing together all of us… Arigato Yuki and Miyata-san for  putting it all together.
























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  1. I hope you are not the only one, japanese food is very popular in the states.

    But i hope you are eating some yakiniku for us too!!
    we miss the whole team tho, but appreciate the memories we have to think back at..
    Ps, im still waiting to see pictures from your trip to Hokkaido with the Sakumoto’s

    • oh yeah working on it do u remember sa chan [small cut’] well anyway the were kissing in the restaurant in the baby chais so funny. the pictures are in my moms hardrive and i don’t know were all that is
      does asia speak good english danish and german

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