Free Like a bird…


Time has come for us to leave Japan for this seson.
So it was also time to let our birds go, and let them fly free, like they are supposed to do..
We went to Nogawa river, wich is a river close by the house, we often go there just to feed the duck and look for the turtle’s. 

Bye Bye Tweety and Sly….




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  1. fie, what a beautiful post and pictures. love them. you are such a sweet person and you teach your kids such beautiful life lessons.

    on a side-note, abe and i may have to free our piranha in the river too if we can’t find someone to pet-sit 😉

  2. Thank you Sweet juldawga!
    I couldnt even get a picture of tweety, he took off so fast! But i heard him chirping from one of the trees across the river…
    Its wierd, cus every time i listen to a T pain song, im still expecting to hear them chirp along! ! !
    I hope you find someone to help pet-sit, other wise Pete will clean that river out! He would be so fat! 😉

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