Sunday out with the girls…


Today Louis’ team is playing their second game in the semi finals in the play-off.  And they are 0-1

So this morning, me and the girls went for  a walk  and ran a few errands.
The weather is realy nice today, so we stopped at a local playground too. The kids are outside playing, the cherry blossoms are blooming, cars driving by, the sun is shinnig…  For a split second, it felt like  spring… Could it be??
Gotta Love sundays when the weather is like this.

Idag spiller Louis’ hold deres anden kamp i semi finalen.
Saa da pigerne og jeg vaagnede imorges,  og saa at det var dejligt vejr, hoppede vi i tojet og gik ud for at gaa en tur, handle et par smaa ting ind, og saa daffede vi paa legepladsen..
Det foles som rigtigt foraar, solen skinder, bilerne suser forbi, traerene blomstre og fuglene synger.
Herligt med lidt solskin.












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  1. The girls are so cute. Thank God they don’t look anything like their father. I especially love the close up picture (last one) of Naomi.

  2. What happend 2 the real steve harvey?? the angry man??? Thank u 4 ur comment.
    I realy like that picture too.. Thanks again!

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