Secret life of bees….









I just finished watching this movie. . .
I had it for a while but never got around it. But tonight i finaly got to watch it…
Its an increditable movie. Very powerful, hearthbreaking and warm, all at the same time..
If you like color purple, this is a MUST SEE…  But if you are anything like me,  please get some napkings, you will be crying snot.    beautiful movie. It got me thinking I wanna read the book, and I only read 2 books in my life without cheating…  1, A danish book about Muslim women and their battles with honour-killings.. 
                        2, is coldest winther ever…  Thats how much this movie touched me…
              (and ofcourse it helped that my favorite female actor played in it. Queen Latifah)


So if you havent seen this movie yet, please do your self a favour and watch it… Its worth all the snot.


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