Going home soon…


Even though I havent lived in Rahway for very long,  I treat it like its my home.
I love it there, i truly believe its a gold mine.  I love that everything is so close, my in laws, 10 min walk, the train station is right there, the bank, the library, the pharmacy, the corner stores, the salons, and last but not least NYC is just right over the bridge.. It’s heaven for a urban city girl like my self. 
I wish Louis wouldnt be embarresed, so i could ride my bike around too…
But I do love my car… My baby..  Mommy is coming soon…

The playoffs start this weekend, and if we lose 2 games,  we are out and dirty jersey here we come next week.
I am so home sick at this point, i dream about it… I cant wait to see family and friends again, and of course bust smokey up.. aww man I miss him so much… 
I cant wait for him to curl up with me on the couch and roll over and put his feet in the air, waiting for me to rub him..
Oh man the list goes on and on about the things i wanna do..

Go roller skating,
No first go out and have a real date with my husband..
Have the kids babysat..
GO to NYC.
Drive my car
Eat at the cheesecake factory
Go to target..
Talk shit in the kitchen with my father in law
Take the girls to the park, 
Eat jamaican food And indian food
Enjoy my niece and nephew.
Go on a vacation.
Go home to Denmark
Fart under the blanket with my sister and brother..
Eat danish food
See friends and family
Smell the air, and just get the feeling of being In Dk
Go to the beach when it gets warmer
And ofcourse enjoy friends and family in the us.
And so on and so on…
Everyday all these thoughts just circle around in my head, I just cant wait. And its the first thing Louis and I talk about when we wake up…  We been here since August, so its not that I dont appreciate it or i am being spoiled but enough is enough already, just ready to sleep in my own bed and be in a country where i dont feel like a stranger.

As much as I do wanna go home, i hope Louis’ team make it all the way, because it would be a great milestone in his carrier. and he deserves it.  And as a team it would be a nice memory for them all to share.
I cant say they are the best team and thats why they deserve it, if i did I would be liying, truth is i dont like basket ball
(unless its on a playstation game, im with you all day)  like that and i dont follow his team like that so if they are the best team or not at this point,  honestly… I dont know… I only know what he tells me.  So we will see, either way its a win win situation..  And we will be home soon..
Just cant wait… ;-0

Im trying my very best to keep my days busy, but everyday is going by SO SLOW……
Oh well max 2 weeks, and we will be home again. and this seson will just be another memory.

Asia and our adorable nephew Zhalen


My baby….071

My first baby.. mr Smokey….






Cant wait to see my family…  Four generations…




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  1. I can’t believe you called Rahway a gold mine. You must need glasses, lol. I can agree with you on missing NYC. Why is Louis wearing flip flops with a shirt and tie. That’s country as hell. If he is going to continue to go outside like that he needs to live down here with the rest of these country fools.

    Tell Lou your baby needs some 20’s on it. 🙂

    P.S. I miss the beach also. 😦

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