Halloo… who is here???….


Have you ever had a feeling someone else is in the room with you, when you are home alone.
This is the feeling that I often have, (even though im never home alone) I have a feeling someone else is here with me…
When I was younger I used to have  strong dreams or sometimes just fast small visions of warnings. And my intuition has always been strong.  I dont see my self as a medium or how ever you would charactorize it.  I call it my gift from God.
At one point in my life i saw alot of different stuff that scared me and i prayed and asked to close down for my gift till i was ready to use it the way god inteded for me… 
But since we moved to japan, we have seen and heard a few different things that cant be justified by commen sence.
I dont know who it is thats here with us, or what they are doing, all i know is that its nothing scary or unpleasant so I dont mind it at all..   But i still wanted to share a few things that have happend..
It comes in periods, but I often hear (esp at night,) 2 footsteps in the living room, its realy slow and gentle, but its always 2 steps.   Now i know what you can say, you have wooden floors, the wood may give alittle due to whatever.
Sorry but no, its not always the same place it comes from, but its always the same rythm.
Then tonight, we was all sitting in the livingroom, and talking, and all of a sudden Naomi got up and just walked out in the pitch black hallway.  Like she was chasing something. 
A few months ago while we was eating, the top to the bottle that wasnt screwed on all the way kept going up and down, up and down, so i said to louis, look, and ofcourse it stopped, he looked at me like bitch u crazy,  just when he stopped looking it started back up, and he heard it, and looked… He couldnt explain it.  and it just continued.
So he said maybe its just the airpressure in the bottle thats making the top do that, and i said ok, so i unscrewed completly, and put it on the table for a minut and put it back on as it was, sure enough, didnt take long before it continued.
Sometimes Asia and Naomi both stop what they are doing and look as if they see something moving thru the room, and follow it with they eyes.  And when Asia was younger she sometimes would point to the hallway and be like is that?   Nothing would be there.. 
 Now you may think im crazy or whatever, but thing is i realy dont care, I know what i feel and have seen…
And theres def someone in here with us, but they are more than welcome as long as we can all get along…..


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  1. I’ll be the first to say it; YOUR CRAZY. LOL. If you see my uncle (Dennis) tell him to come pay me a visit. He passed away in a car accident years before I was born.

    • Thank U angry man, for keeping it real.. I guess crazy is better than insane.. If i do feel him, ill let you know.. But im sorry for your loss…

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