Momo No Sekku = Peach flower festival, for girls festival


Today March 3, ( the 3.rd day in the 3, month) is girls festival.
Every year on this day its a celebration for daughters.  In each home they decorate the house with two dolls, called the Hina dolls.   Its the queen and the king in their beautiful  kimonos. On this day parents pray for the girls health and future happiness.
It’s a  very special day, special food is cooked, and the girls get showered with treats and sweets.
 One of our neighbors, Mrs Suzukii-san she is a realy sweet lady, and a mother of two, (she LOVES louis team)  she is realy sweet to us, and often help me with when I have questions about everyday life in Japan.
She made us some traditional food for this special day, and showed me the dolls..
And i cant help but to share it.


On May 5 (the fifth day in the fifth month)  its the Boys festival.  They are also celebrated with special food. But the dolls are different.  Its maily big warrior dolls, or symbols of big and strong heros.
Outside the house is big Kites shaped like carp-fish, becuase the fish are concidered strong and determined! They are able to swim upstream  against the flow of water. So this day is for families to celebrate their sons character and strength, and to pray for their health and happiness.


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