Picture of the day…


Today I was able to practise a little with my camera while Asia was napping, and Naomi and I had some Mommy/Naomi time. She is growing up and with so many changes she is also discovering who she is, and what she can do and what she looks like.. 
This is why Im so facinated with Photography, because one picture can say so much..  Without a single word spoken.
And for one moment its possible to catch it and save it to make it last a lifetime…



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    • Tak Soede Jannie mus…
      Jeg er glad for at du kan li dette billed… Savner ogsaa dig min egen mere end du aner… Glaeder mig til vi igen kan skype den, og saajeg kan hoere alle dine historier fra San diego… og tak for du kiggede med …. det varmer

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