The weather has been realy cold and shitty lately, it even snowed the other day. Unfortunently it didnt stay.
But since the weather have been bad we haven’t been able to go outside.  and play like we normaly does. 
But today it wasn’t raining, still alittle cold but not raining, so we buddled up and went for a walk  and then hit the playground.
Now i’ve  seen alot of odd things, not only in japan but everwhere,  but this one was a first for me.
I guess this man couldn’t wait to get out of the house either.
With the road being right behind the playground,  it blocked most of the sound.  But it was actualy nice with a few tunes.  And i must say he knew how to play …     and then i was thinking oh maybe he wanted some money, but there was no hat or anything,  so i guess he was just practising…
Have you ever seen this at a playground??


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  1. Yeah this guy, I’ve seen him a couple of times too. Nice with some music…you should bring the tambourine next time 🙂

    • Realy, you’ve seen him before, this was a first time for me…..
      He is nice on it though right?? Oh and i met the girl from the Lucy shop, and she asked if i knew you… her kids was so nicely dressed up. . And i asked her how did u know i knew anna and live in the toyota building, she was like not many foreigners and the all live in Toyota building.. LOL… come on open your horisont mami!

  2. Stop complaining about the weather. It’s snowing here in Atlanta. You heard me, it’s snowing in Atlanta. We are suppose to get 2-4 of snow. Send that guy over here so I can listen to him play.

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