Monthly Archives: March 2009

Jet lag…


It feels so good to be back in jersey..
Sleeping in our own bed, washing our asses in our own shower, laying on our couches…  Playing with smokey. Just all the little things…
But mostly we have just been trying to get over the jet lag.  And try to find a new routine.  theres a 13 hour time difference, and we cant seem to get into the new time difference..   So we are still up ALL night and sleeping in the daytime.. 
Gotta love the opening hours of the stores here,  the first thing i did, after we surprised Nana and Papa with our arrival.
Was to go food shopping at 4 am, just me and my baby on the road and my own music pumping…. 
And as a tradition when we always come back and cant sleep at night we go to the city that never sleeps either…
Even thought its cold as hell right now,  the city never changed… ahhhhhh 😉
but other that that, theres realy nothing interesting to blog about right now, we are just trying to get settled, clean and unpack..  and get some sleep.
Asia and Naomi have been taking turns at sleeping, so im happy Louis is home with me…







Next stop New Jersey…


Even though i was home sick, and ready to go home, it was still a bitter sweet feeling when we had to say goodbye and leave.  I”ve met alot of good people in my time in Tokyo.   And we have so many special memories from there.  
Becoming a mother there, bringing her home from the hospital.  The list goes on.
It def became a second home for us, so it was alittle sad leaving, not knowing if we will ever see it again.
But ofcourse we were also very happy to go home…
Just before we left  team-mates and friends came outside to say the last goodbye, that was realy nice.
Thank you everyone.



The plane ride back to jersey is about 14 hours.
How do you keep a toddler and a teenager busy for 14 hours without total chaos??
Well it actualy went alot smoother than expected.   Asia was happy, eating icecream and watching cartoons, and Naomi slept for about 9 hours, so no complains  at all… So we made it…





Goodbye dinner with Louis’ Team


The night before we left, we had dinner with  the Team + Wifes and kids .
We had Yakiniku, the real Japanese way, and it was as always very very delicious.
And with everbody being there, i had a realy good time.  I had some Sake so i was feeling pretty good…
It was realy nice to do one last thing together all of us… Arigato Yuki and Miyata-san for  putting it all together.























Free Like a bird…


Time has come for us to leave Japan for this seson.
So it was also time to let our birds go, and let them fly free, like they are supposed to do..
We went to Nogawa river, wich is a river close by the house, we often go there just to feed the duck and look for the turtle’s. 

Bye Bye Tweety and Sly….



Sunday out with the girls…


Today Louis’ team is playing their second game in the semi finals in the play-off.  And they are 0-1

So this morning, me and the girls went for  a walk  and ran a few errands.
The weather is realy nice today, so we stopped at a local playground too. The kids are outside playing, the cherry blossoms are blooming, cars driving by, the sun is shinnig…  For a split second, it felt like  spring… Could it be??
Gotta Love sundays when the weather is like this.

Idag spiller Louis’ hold deres anden kamp i semi finalen.
Saa da pigerne og jeg vaagnede imorges,  og saa at det var dejligt vejr, hoppede vi i tojet og gik ud for at gaa en tur, handle et par smaa ting ind, og saa daffede vi paa legepladsen..
Det foles som rigtigt foraar, solen skinder, bilerne suser forbi, traerene blomstre og fuglene synger.
Herligt med lidt solskin.











Secret life of bees….









I just finished watching this movie. . .
I had it for a while but never got around it. But tonight i finaly got to watch it…
Its an increditable movie. Very powerful, hearthbreaking and warm, all at the same time..
If you like color purple, this is a MUST SEE…  But if you are anything like me,  please get some napkings, you will be crying snot.    beautiful movie. It got me thinking I wanna read the book, and I only read 2 books in my life without cheating…  1, A danish book about Muslim women and their battles with honour-killings.. 
                        2, is coldest winther ever…  Thats how much this movie touched me…
              (and ofcourse it helped that my favorite female actor played in it. Queen Latifah)


So if you havent seen this movie yet, please do your self a favour and watch it… Its worth all the snot.

Big helper…





Asia is a capricon to her finger tips. She hates anything dirty… A small hair in the shower, and she screams bloody murder.   She just like everything to be clean.  I like shit to be clean too, but  damn… I must admit i am not a neat freak.
And with 2 small children its always messy here, not dirty just messy.. I dont care. But Asia does.. 😉

But its realy nice with some help around the house.
Thank you Asia..