A new chapter…


Time realy do fly. It seems like it was’nt  to long ago that we found out that I was pregnant with Asia.
We didnt know she was coming, but God knew better 😉 .
Its been a excuasting and hard but yet  the most amazing journey in my life so far.   And now I feel like a old chapter is over and I new one has begun.
Naomi is now finaly sleeping thru the night,  and she is also walking.
Its time to move her into Asia’s bedroom, and for Louis and I to finaly be able to have our bedroom to our self’s again.. It’s gonna be nice to be able to watch a movie with the volume on normal for a change.  
or you know,  do other stuff that dont requiere  to be quiet.. 😉 
Naomi is growing up, and i feel like she is no longer a baby baby. That chapter has came, humbled us and now its already gone…
With Naomi being older and being mobile, I see a bond growing between our girls.  And it’s a pleasure seing them play together and as much as it gets on my last nerve when they fight, i enjoy that too because its a part of a family and having siblings.
As hard as it is having 2 small girls, with only 1 year and 4 months apart, i would recoment it to anyone.
Now that the baby baby chapter is over and a new one has begun where they can enjoy eachother much more. It’s ALL worth it..




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  1. awww, fie, this is such a great post! i love the pictures of the two girls together. and of course, of naomi walking! that’s so awesome!
    you’re a great mommy fie and i admire how much patience and effort you have with your beautiful girls.

    • Thank you Julie, thats a huge compliment… Thank you thank you thank you..
      It’s hard and i loose it sometimes. But i try my best and give all i got. Im glad to hear you think so much of me. Arigato… 🙂

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