Tokyo tower part II


Tonight we desided to go back to the Tokyo tower,  why not see it by night???
We normaly dont go anywhere anymore at night, for ovious resons; 2 kids, after dinner, its time to shower and clean up alittle ect. you know the deal.  But  sometimes its good to do something different.
So we went back to see Tokyo by night from the tower.
Its been raining all day basicly, so i gues it had clean everything out so the sky was clear, so beautiful and quiet.
I realy enjoyed the view.
This time we also went to a trick gallery. And since we made it,  just in the last 20 minuts before closing time, there was noone else there.   Asia was running around and exploring and trying things.  And i had a good time too. Got some funny pictures..





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  1. Are you going home anytime soon? I want to visit Amsterdam (Red Light district). Not for the reasons you think, I just want see it up close and personal.

    Are those Viking boots your wearing?

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