Celebrate everyday…


I’ve been having some problems with  an IUD i had inserted back in November.
I don’t like doctors,  and I hate going to the doctors. usually i sit and wait just for them to tell me, its normal jadi jadi jadi. but this time to my surprise the doctor told me that my IUD had moved arond and was now stuck in my uterus, and had irritated and caused alot of bleeding. 
The doctor gave me some pills, and i went home.  It didnt work, and the bleeding was so severe, i had to go back.
I saw a different doc, he spoke english just fine, and he checked me out, and then he got quiet.  and then said i have to run some test..
he told me to get dressed, pulled out some books and then looked right at me and told me he worries that i might have cancer..  i didnt hear much after that. . .

Today i got the results back to day and Im 100 % cancer free..  😉
but as you can imagine it’s been the longest week ever. so many thoughts have been going thru my mind.
being amother of 2 small children, its been painful.  my mind have been spinning.
I thank the lord for my husband, he is my rock.  This has been hard for him too, but he has let me be weak, and come to him when i needed it. I have broken down,  filled up with so much fear.   It put alot of things in perspective for me and I now feel uplifted and blessed, I feel like ive been given a second chance.
Tomorrow is not a promise to any of us,  but its so easy to get caught up in daily everyday life with responabilities, worried and stress. But we have to remember to live for today and show the people that we love how special they are to us… 
Happy friday everyone…. Stay safe and blessed



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    • Thank u Tenika. Its been the hardest week ever. I never been so scared in my life before. But i feel good now. louis got me some Vodka and we are celebrating 😉

      Thank you for your thoughts… I truly appriciate it..

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