Family day


It’s been a rough week.  But today Louis had a day off, and with the weather being nice we decided to get outta the house for a while.    We have about 6 weeks left here in Tokyo before this seson, will  be another  memory.. and we once again will be back in dirty Jerz. 😉
So with the feeling of going home soon,  the house is constantly a mess.. Laundry in piles, toys everywhere bags and just shit everywhere. Not dirty just messy.. seem’s like i dont even care to get to the bottom right now.
So today we excaped the  messy house and left Chofu-gaoka for a few hours.
We went to see the Tokyo tower.  Its kinda stupid, we have been here for 3 sesons already, drove past it a million times.  but never actualy went inside it.  I guess me being pregant most of the time here and all the new changes, i dont know excuses excuses. Anyways today we finaly made it there.
And the view was beautiful.  They also have a aquarium, wax museum, Guinees world records, art gallery and ofcourse a food court there. I was very impressed.
we didnt see all the things they have to offer, with a toddler and a baby theres only so much you can do.
But we whent up and got a chance to overlook the city of Tokyo and I think  it was beautiful .

Behind Tokyo city  is a chain of mountains. . .
Im sorry i cant describe it in a better way and to be honest the pictures does no justice.   Im happy that I got a chance to be able to use my camera alittle and practise some…
The aquarium was very unique,  alot of small fish and many piranhas  and to my surprise they was for sale.   But I cant believe how expensive they are… 0140170340362041019012075050052051
054056Here you can see the price for one Black Piranha, it’s = aprx 4.800 $


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  1. Fie, these pictures are great! That view looks beautiful…you’re so lucky you got to go on such a clear day…I went there once and could hardly see anything!
    You all look so happy there too…and I really like the piranha pictures 🙂 of course!

    Glad you got to visit Tokyo Tower as a family!

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