What I say is what I mean… Nothing less nothing more…


As I’m maturing, i have come to realize that I’m often misunderstood.
In Denmark I never had any  problems with people understanding me, or trying to  read into what im saying.
But now im notising that people are making more of what im saying.
Its not the language barrier, or the cultural differences. 

Have you ever tried to encouraged someone that’s struggling to get to the same goal as your self,  but your paths is just different, so even though you are sincere, they don’t see it that way, and that leaves you misunderstood.

Okay let me be more specific.
Its kinda like  going for a driving test, its a goal of yours, you studied hard and then you are the only one in your class that failed… and one of your classmates ( that passed)  comes over to you and tell you, don’t worry, man the test was hard,  and try to encourage you.  But in your head you are like BITCH you know u passed it so dont try to make it seem like it was hard.

But in actualy the person is just saying excactly what he/she ment.

The test was hard..  Nothing less nothing more…

Im thinking maybe people cant always understand truth, without and agenda.
Or should I say cant understand my rawness..  (if thats even a word)
Im realy trynna say things the right way, or make sure NOT to leave an open window for any misunderstandings. But its hard for me sometimes.
Cus sometimes I just want to say excactly what I mean,  its not to be cruel or anything, but if i feel a certain way I feel like I should be able to say it…   Good or bad.

I know I want people to always keep it real with me. If you feel something, I would Def. want to hear your oppinion, good or bad  I may not agree with you but i still want to hear it.. 😉

………… shit i might learn a thing or two…   


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  1. No matter how straight forward you are people will always twist your words. Actually their not twisting your words. They are only hearing what they want to hear. People are morons. Not matter where they come from or what language they speak, they are just morons. Some are even assholes.

  2. Haha what happened now? Personally I have no clue what you’re talking about half the time. haha juuust kidding! Call me later, me and Hanna are going to the ward office today if you wanna tag along.

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