foj for katten


2day me and the girls went to a playground close by. Asia and Naomi both enjoy being outside, even thought today was very cold and windy.  Asia enjoys picking rocks and sticks.  We normaly bring the big rocks home so she can pain on them.
2day she found a rock and was so proud of her self, and she came and showed it to me.  It didnt take long before she came running back to me. Wook mommy wook sten (sten means rock in Danish)   with a big smile on her face she gave it to me for me to hold it, and I did. And as I looked down on it i realized it was a dried up cat doo doo…
I didnt wanna trow it away while she was looking at it, she dont understand what it is, and lately she’s been throwing with things, and we’ve been trying to teach her not to throw things, so there I stood with Cat doo doo in one hand Naomi in my other and Asia is smiling to me so proud of what she just had found…. Little do she know…  😉

Im glad today wasnt the day I forgot to bring wipes…


Idag var mig og ungerne paa legepladsen,  Pigerne  elsker at vaere uden for, selvom det idag var koldt og blaesende saa var det rart at komme ud og faa lidt frisk luft.  Asia elsker at samle sten og pinde.  Naar hun finder en stor sten plejer vi gerne at tage dem med hjem saa  kan male paa dem.  Idag fandt hun en sten mere, og hun kom stolt og viste mig den,  Der gik der ik lang tid foer hun igen kom loebene og sagde wook mommy wook Sten, og gav mig den i haanden, men saa opdagede jeg at det slet ik var en sten det var en katte-lort! ! !  Her for tiden har hun det med at smide med ting, saa vi prover at laere hende at det ik er ok at smide med ting,  saa der stod jeg med katte-lort i den ene haand, og Naomi i den anden haand.  Jeg kiggede ned paa Asia, og der stod hun saa  stolt og smilende… 

Jeg er bare glad for at det ik var idag jeg havde glemt vores vaad-servietter!  Puha… 😉





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  1. i know, it was nasty i didnt know what to do… and she still loves playing in the sandbox… but what can u do.. theres so many wild cats around.. atleast she didnt try to eat it..

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