Last night Louis and I caught the ending of Sicko, by Michael Moore on Tv.  Louis’ cousin had told me to check it out a while ago, but  I just forgot about it,  but last night we was lucky to flip thru the channels and stumble over it. 
I recomend EVERYONE that hasnt seen it yet;  To please watch it! ! ! It is as always an eye-opener.
Ofcourse he overdue it to make his point Clear, but one thing is for sure, he isnt a liar…
What blew my mind and what i still cant get over is, that the talibans has the best medical care in prison. while others cant even recieve medical attention.. Its very desturbing… and sad…
If anyone that have seen it, is up for a debate,  please let me know…!… if you havent seen it yet,  you need to… right now!….



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