Monthly Archives: February 2009

One step closer to the play-offs


Today Louis’ team had a game  and they won,  they have another one tomorrow, and if they win that one the play-off  should be a promise. ..  So one step closer…


Bambi on ice….


For our wedding anniversary last summer, Louis and I went Roller skating.
We had so much fun, or I had fun, im just happy louis didnt get embarrassed being seen with me.
I havent been on a pair of roller skates  since i was like 7.   Needless to say I looked terrible out there.  But who cares, I had one of the best times in my life.  And i promised my self, that day i would come back and work hard to get good at it. I dont want to do contest or shit like that, I just want to be able to move around and dance on skates.  Effortless… I know I have a LONG way to go.. but i cant wait to get there..
I never felt so uplifted, like i did that night,  so if you arent scared to make a fool outta ur self while  having fun.                 PLEASE try it!

P.s    My friend Anna got me a realy nice bag for my skates, so now im all ready to go.. So watch out now.. Thank You Anna!

A new chapter…


Time realy do fly. It seems like it was’nt  to long ago that we found out that I was pregnant with Asia.
We didnt know she was coming, but God knew better 😉 .
Its been a excuasting and hard but yet  the most amazing journey in my life so far.   And now I feel like a old chapter is over and I new one has begun.
Naomi is now finaly sleeping thru the night,  and she is also walking.
Its time to move her into Asia’s bedroom, and for Louis and I to finaly be able to have our bedroom to our self’s again.. It’s gonna be nice to be able to watch a movie with the volume on normal for a change.  
or you know,  do other stuff that dont requiere  to be quiet.. 😉 
Naomi is growing up, and i feel like she is no longer a baby baby. That chapter has came, humbled us and now its already gone…
With Naomi being older and being mobile, I see a bond growing between our girls.  And it’s a pleasure seing them play together and as much as it gets on my last nerve when they fight, i enjoy that too because its a part of a family and having siblings.
As hard as it is having 2 small girls, with only 1 year and 4 months apart, i would recoment it to anyone.
Now that the baby baby chapter is over and a new one has begun where they can enjoy eachother much more. It’s ALL worth it..



Tokyo tower part II


Tonight we desided to go back to the Tokyo tower,  why not see it by night???
We normaly dont go anywhere anymore at night, for ovious resons; 2 kids, after dinner, its time to shower and clean up alittle ect. you know the deal.  But  sometimes its good to do something different.
So we went back to see Tokyo by night from the tower.
Its been raining all day basicly, so i gues it had clean everything out so the sky was clear, so beautiful and quiet.
I realy enjoyed the view.
This time we also went to a trick gallery. And since we made it,  just in the last 20 minuts before closing time, there was noone else there.   Asia was running around and exploring and trying things.  And i had a good time too. Got some funny pictures..




Celebrate everyday…


I’ve been having some problems with  an IUD i had inserted back in November.
I don’t like doctors,  and I hate going to the doctors. usually i sit and wait just for them to tell me, its normal jadi jadi jadi. but this time to my surprise the doctor told me that my IUD had moved arond and was now stuck in my uterus, and had irritated and caused alot of bleeding. 
The doctor gave me some pills, and i went home.  It didnt work, and the bleeding was so severe, i had to go back.
I saw a different doc, he spoke english just fine, and he checked me out, and then he got quiet.  and then said i have to run some test..
he told me to get dressed, pulled out some books and then looked right at me and told me he worries that i might have cancer..  i didnt hear much after that. . .

Today i got the results back to day and Im 100 % cancer free..  😉
but as you can imagine it’s been the longest week ever. so many thoughts have been going thru my mind.
being amother of 2 small children, its been painful.  my mind have been spinning.
I thank the lord for my husband, he is my rock.  This has been hard for him too, but he has let me be weak, and come to him when i needed it. I have broken down,  filled up with so much fear.   It put alot of things in perspective for me and I now feel uplifted and blessed, I feel like ive been given a second chance.
Tomorrow is not a promise to any of us,  but its so easy to get caught up in daily everyday life with responabilities, worried and stress. But we have to remember to live for today and show the people that we love how special they are to us… 
Happy friday everyone…. Stay safe and blessed