Mt. fuji Safari Park


Louis had a day off yesterday before they go on the road tomorrow for the weekend.
So we whent to FuJi Safari park. Asia Loves Animals,  so we packed the car up in the morning, and on the road we went. Its about 1,5 hour away from us, so it wasnt to bad at all.  And from the park you can see Mt. Fuji in the back, It’s so beautiful, that it dont even look real. It look like someone drew it.  I wonder how can anyone doubt Gods excistance when you see something so magestic and pure.
Asia liked the animals alot and afterwards they had a little ranch with ponies, so she got to ride on one, she was so proud her little eyes was sparkling.  They also let you walk with the kangaroo’s and feed them, and she wasnt even scared at all..  3 of them came over when they smelled she had food, and they all wanted to eat at the same time, and one pushed her alittle, and she pointed her little finger and said, no no Ka ka.. 
As soon as we got in the car and she finised her hot dog, she was OUT and so was Naomi.  Both dranied and snoring..
Louis and i looked at eachother, mission accomplished.. Ahhhhhh

Loui havde en friday igaar, inden weekendes kampe. So vi tog en tur ud til en Safari park, som ligger op at Fuji bjerget. Det ligger ca 1,5 time vaek fra os. Asia elsker dyr, saa hun fk rigtigt meget ud af det.   Fra parken kan man ogsaa  se Bjerget, det er bare saa flot. Saa mystisk, det ligner noget som nogen har tegnet.  Helt perfekt.
Efter turen havde de ogsaa saa man kan ride paa heste og fodre kaenguro’er.
Det var smadder hyggeligt, efter vi spiste frokost faldt de begge i sovn i bilen..  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh







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  1. Who is Louis trying to fool, it’s obvious he’s standing infront of the poster you have in the living room!
    hehe jus kidding, it’s beautiful!

  2. heya! these pictures are great! i can tell someone’s been practicing, eh? 🙂

    love the fuji pic and of course the one with asia’s finger…hahah…now that i look at the lion, i do see a resemblance to lou’s beard like steve harvey said…hahaha

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