Sibling rivalry…


So it has started,  Naomi is getting bigger now,  and since she is mobil,  she is everywhere.  And the best thing in Naomi’s world right now is Asia. Where ever she goes, Naomi is right behind her at ALL times. 
And Asia is pretty tired of always having her around her at all times.  So she is pushing her, poking her in  the eye’s, kicking her and saying no no Nami. And when she think we arent looking, she goes X-tra hard. 
But yesterday Naomi finaly had enough of Asia’s Bullshit, so she pushed her back, and 10 min later she pulled her hair. I cant believe it has alrealy started.  I can now officialy ad another titel to my name.  I am now a ref. too..
I know this is just the start and, i now only fear what the future will be like…


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  1. Awwww, the sibling fights. I remember those like it was yesterday. You think you have it rough now, wait until Naomi and Asia get to be teenagers. Fights over clothes, and shoes, lol. Have fun.

  2. my sister and I had those all through growing up. my older sister used to beat up on me and one day i struck back hard…she never did it again!
    they’ll be fine…i think most siblings go through that 😉

  3. Me and my sister didn’t get along until I moved out at 18. Maybe it will calm down for you too, in about 16 years or so….heeee

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