I dont know how it is everywhere else in Japan, but in the state of  Tokyo, you cant sign your kids into a daycare system untill age 3, unless both parents are working. . . Im asuming its because of a high population. So most woman stay home from work till the kids turn 3, and in most cases by then baby # 2 is either on its way or already out.  And since im home with Naomi, theres no daycare center for Asia.
So not to far from our house, we found a play group, its twice a week and only for 2 hours. And Asia is at a age now, where she is seeking challenges, and needs to be around other kids and learn all the things I cant teach her.  Needless to say she is bored at home with me. I try to do as much as possible with her, but she needs more sometimes.
So today my friend Anna, she has a daughter Hanna-chan she is almost 1.  She introduced me to a new playgroup, that open everyday from 9-5, wich is perfect and it was so nice, so muh space great toys and many new kids..  And its about a 20 min walk from our house so its perfect. 
 Asia loved it and so did Naomi. I was happy to see Asia so happy and having such a good time… 

Asiasistaly Love...wuptinew-playgroup-027Asia crusing


  Sorry about the layout… haha.. still learning…


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    • Yep Juldog, they was both knocked out.. Thank you. They realy had fun.. you should have seen them all 3 of them actualy. they was so busy!

  1. Hey Fie, this is such a great thing to go to! They must have a great time! They are such cuties! I bring Izzy to the library once/week, but it is pretty lame compared to this!

    • Thank you debbie. It dont matter the point is that you are going! its so important, but its not like he will remember it when he gets older.
      But im happy we found a new place 4 the girls, cus Asia is just bored with me at home.. Cant wait to see Izzy! He is so big now!

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