I was just wondering….


Today when I was leaving the playgroup, there was a elderly man sitting in the lobby drawing one of the kids.
And some kids was standing in a line for him to draw them next.  I could tell he was a real artist, because he had a brief-case with paint and pensils..  I thought that was realy cute, but then i started thinking;  Why is it  mostly male paint artist that you see and know about??   And not female? ? ?

Maybe its just me, but I can’t name one female paint artist???  Why is that??  Can you??
It cant be that there aren’t any out there.. or weren’t  any back in the day…
was it THAT  unequal…  im just wondering….

I did some research, and i found a picture that indicates that there were in fact female paint artist’s…  back in the day

 Then I was thinking.. What if all great painter’s art like Picaso and so on, was in fact done by woman, but because of  the male dominant time, men took the credit for the work… ???? hmmmm


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